I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was born AGAIN on Sunday, the 28th of September, 1980 at the age of 14. Missionary Mark Grings had come to the Republic of South Africa and started a church in our community of Leondale, Germiston. One Sunday, our family was invited to a special program at the church. My mother, brother and sisters attended this service and accepted Christ as their Savior. My dad and I decided we'd rather go fishing that morning. However, that evening, on invitation from Pastor Mark, our family went to his home. Both my father and I heard the message of salvation and trusted Christ as our Savior. I had the privilege of being baptized along with my whole family on the 19th of October 1980. In 1985, I attended a missions’ conference held at Croydon Baptist Church, South Africa, at which time I believe the Lord called me to be a missionary. I realized that I needed to prepare myself for serving the Lord. In 1986 I enrolled in a Bible school which had been started by the missionaries. I completed five years of Bible school. In 1986, I also began helping with the technical aspect of the radio program "Nsango Na Bomoi" (News of Life) that pastor Mark Grings has to the country of Congo. Through this the Lord began to burden my heart for the people of Congo. In 1989 the Lord opened the door for me to visit Zaire (Congo) for a short missions’ trip of 7 months. I returned to South Africa, assured that this was where the Lord would have me serve, and began deputation amongst the Independent Fundamental churches of South Africa. On the 25th of April, 1992 I was ordained by my home church, Community Bible Church. September 1992 until June 1993, I served in Congo as a single man. I spent most of that time learning the language of Lingala, one of the many languages spoken in the Congo. On the 28th of August, 1993 I married my "childhood sweetheart" and daughter of my pastor, Esther Joy Grings. We spent our first wedded year on the deputation road and then drove to Zaire (which is now the Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1994.

Esther (Grings)

I thank the Lord for allowing me the privilege to be born into a wonderful missionary heritage. My parents and grandparents were missionaries in Congo, and I was born in the Congo. In 1973, when I was 3, my parents left Congo. It was then that we went to South Africa and where most of my memories begin. I came to know the Lord at the age of 5 through the home teaching of my parents and the input of my 6 year old friend. I was an only child, and I enjoyed growing up in a missionary home and having a part in the ministry as soon as I was old enough to teach and play piano.
I went to public school and met Robert's family through his youngest sister, who was one of my best friends. I finished my schooling through a correspondence course, and in 1990 at the age of 20 I went to the United States to attend Piedmont
Bible College in Winston Salem, NC. I graduated in 1992, joined Independent Faith Mission, and raised support in order to return as a missionary to South Africa. After six months of serving as a single missionary, the Lord brought Robert and my life together, and we prepared together to return as a couple to the D.R.C, then known as Zaire.

Meet the whole family

The Lord has bless us with six children. Joshua (19yrs), Cherith (17yrs), Jordan (15yrs), Jeremy (12yrs) and the twins Chelsea and Chaylee (9yrs).